News and Events

ORCD Newsletter: November 30, 2023

We were recently invited to join a panel at the “Future Energy Center Systems” fall workshop with our colleagues at the MIT Energy Initiative and partners at the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium to speak to the challenges of modern datacenter infrastructure for research computing. The workshop included many from assorted industries, academia, and transportation, and we had the chance to talk about data center infrastructure.

ORCD Newsletter: November 9, 2023

Progress on the ORCD "Get Well" plan, Super Computing 2023, and more.

ORCD Newsletter: October 26

Life is full of unplanned activities, and nothing is more exciting than responding to events that are unplanned. This was the case during the evening of Saturday, October 14th, 2023. That was the night when all of our phones started to ring. All electrical power had unfortunately been lost to our flagship high performance computing datacenter, causing computing for each of the five MGHPCC member institutes to immediately, and somewhat abruptly, come to a halt.

As the machines sat quiet and alone in a now dark and silent room 88.2 miles from the ORCD offices, we knew we needed to build a plan to bring them back to life as quickly and safely as possible. Such unplanned situations are so rare—this was the first of its kind in over a decade—that forming good plans around them is unfortunately inordinately difficult. However, the ORCD team scrambled into action. 

We knew what we needed to do. 

ORCD Newsletter: September 28, 2023

ORCD news and updates for late September.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Positions

The MIT Office of Research Computing and Data (ORCD) has multiple undergraduate and graduate student positions to work in our research computing support team. The Office of Research Computing and Data is a new campus initiative that aims to be the “go to” future of research computing for all campus researchers at all levels. The support team provides comprehensive help and training for all researchers on campus who want to leverage computing beyond their laptop and desktop. These positions will work alongside ORCD professional staff. The roles will be involved in helping researchers working with the most advanced computing tools on MITs largest and most powerful computing systems for data analysis, modeling, AI/ML and more. 

ORCD Newsletter: September 14, 2023

Welcome back for Fall at MIT.

We'rel returning to a bi-weekly newsletter, bringing you more details about our new team members, our developing ORCD vision of research computing, and idiosyncratic news from science and other parts of academia.

MIT research computing — together we are stronger

Announcing a strategic collaboration, and signing of a formal memorandum of understanding between the OpenMind project and the Office of Research Computing and Data, (ORCD).

May 2023 Update

ORCD news and updates for May. 

New Year Message to ORCD Community

Just as 2022 ended, two remarkable results came out that will impact research computing in the long run.

IAP Update

Helping the MIT research community serves as a mission element for ORCD and I’d like to direct your attention to useful and important IAP classes.

December CRCD Update

In the last few weeks, we have finalized the membership of the Committee on Research Computing and Data (CRCD), and on December 9th, we held our first meeting.