ORCD and IS&T leadership work together to ensure seamless coverage for research computing. In the realm of research computing, IS&T supports network infrastructure, both on campus and at remote sites; provides software and software support used in research computing and data; manages a large part of MIT’s cloud computing; and collaborates on projects such as our access portal.

IS&T also supported ORCD’s predecessor, the Research Computing Project, led for over a decade by Chris Hill.

MIT Libraries

The MIT Libraries, led by Chris Bourg, curate the Institute’s scholarly content, support researchers in managing and storing data, and establish persistent access to the journals, manuscripts, and data sets critical to the research of many PIs.

In their partnership with ORCD, the Libraries will work with us to navigate the policy landscape imposed by federal funders, make MIT’s open data findable and reusable, and help PIs to develop the Data Management Plans (DMPs) that define how the PI and MIT will make federally supported research accessible to the public.

MIT Facilities and Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center

MIT Facilities, the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC), IS&T, ORCD, and others have worked together to build out our space at MGHPCC, with 64 racks for new hardware that became available in fall 2022.