Commercial Cloud Based Resources

Many commercial cloud-based resources are available, and some are commonly used at MIT.

  • MIT Cost Object Cloud Accounts: Provides a central location for creating standard AWS, Google or Microsoft commercial cloud provider accounts that are tied to cost objects and projects. Enables tracking of expenses for different projects.
  • Google Colab: Provides a free base service that can be very useful for modest workloads, for example in classes.
  • Binder: Provides free virtual machines that can be flexibly configured by providing a Github repository with software setup instructions.
  • Code Ocean: Highly customizable cloud based virtual machine system. Machines in Code Ocean are direct charged and performance is more predictable than free services.

The ORCD team is also experimenting with a simplified AWS system called RONIN, designed to support university research and teaching needs. If you are interested in testing RONIN, contact ORCD