Committee on Research Computing

The Committee on Research Computing and Data (CRCD) serves as an advisory and review committee for ORCD.

Members of the Committee on Research Computing



Department / School

Peter Fisher

Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Research; Thomas Frank Professor; Head, ORCD


James Cuff

Executive Director


Chris Hill

Director of Scientific Consulting


Heather Sardis

Associate Director for Technology

MIT Libraries

David Singer

Head, Political Science and Raphael Dorman-Helen Starbuck Professor

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Antonio Torralba

Faculty Head, Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making (AI+D) and Thomas and Gerd Perkins Professor

School of Engineering

S.P. Kothari

Gordon Y. Billard Professor

MIT Sloan School of Management

Aude Oliva

Director of Strategic Industry Engagement

Schwarzman College of Computing

Sam Madden

Schwarzman College of Computing Distinguished Professor of Computing

Schwarzman College of Computing

Sarah Williams

Associate Professor

School of Architecture and Planning

Olu Brown

Associate Vice President


Satrajit Ghosh

Principal Research Scientist

School of Science

Jeremy Gregory

Executive Director

MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium

Benoit Forget

Associate Head and Korea Electric Power Professor

Nuclear Science and Engineering/Plasma Science and Fusion Center