The MIT Office of Research Computing and Data (ORCD) is a team of people and resources dedicated to supporting core computing and data needs of the entire MIT research and education community.

We are a newly formed group as of September 1, 2022 and are just getting started. We plan to make research computing ubiquitous across campus in ways that are more impactful than ever and, wherever we can, fun and enjoyable!

Our team currently looks like this

The August 2022 ORCD team – Peter Fisher (ORCD Head), Kurt Keville, Lauren Milechin, Chris Hill, Paul Hsi, Heather Williams, Christina Andujar, Michael Tiernan.

As we move forward we will be updating this website to add new content, to add a new research computing and data portal, and to improve its appearance!

To start, we have a news blog and a page linking to resources already available through ORCD.