December CRCD Update

Dear ORCD Community,

In the last few weeks, we have finalized the membership of the Committee on Research Computing and Data (CRCD), and on December 9th, we held our first meeting.  After introductions and some technical glitches, our first meeting reviewed our presently incomplete picture of research computing at MIT. 

The CRCD functions as our top-level advisors in the same way as a school or department council, and we plan to use the CRCD to help with policies and processes as ORCD gets going.   We also expect that the CRCD members will represent the views of their colleagues and hope you will share your input on our activities, both good and bad with them or with us directly.

Here is the membership:

  • Sarah Williams, SA+P, Associate Professor
  • Antonio Torralba, SoE, Faculty Head, AI+D and Thomas & Gerd Perkins Prof.
  • David Singer, SHASS, Head, Political Science & Raphael Dorman-Helen Starbuck Professor 
  • Olu Brown, IS&T , Associate Vice President
  • Heather Sardis, Libraries, Associate Director for Technology
  • Peter Fisher, ORCD, Head, Assoc Prov/Assoc VP Research
  • James Cuff, ORCD, Executive Director
  • Chris Hill, ORCD , Research Computing Project Lead
  • Heather Williams, Provost, Assistant Provost
  • SP Kothari, Sloan, Gordon Y Billard Prof in Management
  • Satrajit Ghosh, SoS, Principal Research Scientist
  • Aude Oliva, SCC, Director of Strategic Industry Engagement
  • Sam Madden, SCC, SCC Distinguished Prof of Computing

In our upcoming meetings, we will ask CRCD for their advice about renewal and operations at MGHPCC.  We look forward to a lot of help from this talented group.

Peter & James