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  • ORCD Community Message

    Happy New Year. Just as 2022 ended, two remarkable results came out that will impact research computing in the long run. First, a team from MIT, Harvard, Caltech, and Google showed they could use the Google Sycamore quantum computer to solve equations describing quantum information passing through a wormhole.  The equations had been solved in other ways, and the result is well […]

  • IAP Update

    Dear ORCD Community, Helping the MIT research community serves as a mission element for ORCD and I’d like to direct your attention to useful and important IAP classes. To start, Chris and Lauren, along with Dr. Julie Mullen from Lincoln Lab will teach, 12.091/12.391 Practical High-Performance Computing: Scaling Beyond your Laptop, that makes use of […]

  • December CRCD Update

    Dear ORCD Community, In the last few weeks, we have finalized the membership of the Committee on Research Computing and Data (CRCD), and on December 9th, we held our first meeting.  After introductions and some technical glitches, our first meeting reviewed our presently incomplete picture of research computing at MIT.  The CRCD functions as our […]

  • September 2022 : Welcome, welcome* from ORCD

      Last time, we wrote about our shared computing resources subMIT, engaging, satori, and SuperCloud.  All provide high-performance computing in their way.  ORCD seeks to provide a standard mode of access to them. In the coming months, we will test an ORCD virtual desktop to make all these resources and some cloud counterparts more seamlessly […]